Jamie (suesheeme) wrote in drownedxworld,

Some things cannot be bought.

I am sorry, but IS MADONNA OUT OF HER FRICKIN MIND???!!!!!!

I just accessed available tickets on Ticketmaster for her third concert in LA in May. I had to look three times at the ticket price and I still couldn't believe it.

$350. EACH! For the frickin LOGE section, row M!!!

For $755 (after surcharges and all the other added-on crapola) I better be catching wind from her shaking ass.


Madonna has changed my life in countless ways, for the better. I admire her like no other artist. I've seen her six times over the years and I'd love to go again. But I think I've spent enough money and that this one should be on her. I don't appreciate being fiscally raped for my devotion. Forget that. This time, I'm out.
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